School Chaplain
Our School Chaplain, Lynden Russell works at our school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to provide additional support for our students. His role is to assist the school in providing pastoral care, general spiritual and personal advice to those seeking it and support and comfort to students and staff. Chaplains are an extra resource in a school. They can:
♦ support a school in its aim to have a safe, caring environment,
♦ act as a role model for students,
♦ listen to students who have a need to talk about their own lives and their search for meaning,
♦ provide a link to other community resources, and
♦ become a resource person for voluntary clubs and groups of students in unscheduled times.
The National School Chaplaincy Programme is funded by the Australian Government Department Of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Please note: The chaplaincy program is a voluntary service in schools, whereby participation by children is optional.