Bridport Primary School is a small rural school which upholds the traditional values of respect, safety and honesty and is committed to the goal that every student has the opportunity to learn and achieve his or her potential. Our vision is to create successful, innovative and respectful learners.  Our mission is: to help children feel connected to our school; to ensure children are engaged in their learning to maximise their development; to celebrate success and build a sense of achievement; and that by the school working in close partnerships with parents, our children are ultimately given the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute positively to the community. In this we value:

Learning- each child is nurtured to develop the desire and confidence to engage in lifelong learning;

Excellence - we have high expectations for our learners with a strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in our school;

Equity - teaching approaches, curriculum content and organisation are receptive to the needs of each child, taking into account their intellectual, physical, social & emotional growth;

Respect - Positive and effective interactions are built on mutual respect based around our school rules- Be Safe, Be Fair, Show Care;

Relationships- we value positive relationships bewteen home, school and the broader community with the child at the centre.

Bridport Primary School is committed to working with its community and supporting teachers working together designing personalised learning opportunities for all students. As a result, teaching approaches and curriculum content are developed around the needs of each individual.

Our school curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum with a high emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. Specialist teachers cover Physical Education and Music. A Flying Start/Resource teacher supports learning in classrooms. Teacher Assistants also provide additional support to students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Sport and Outdoor Education are also features of the upper primary program, and the school also runs Active After School Communities programs. Visiting performances and excursion opportunities are contained within the school program and involve all classes Kinder- Grade 6. Celebration of achievement is prominent throughout the school with regular assemblies at which classes take turns to showcase their work. 

Our behaviour management and supportive school environment policy is based upon Positive Behaviour Support which focuses strongly on the reward of positive and acceptable behaviours, to encourage children to make appropriate choices. Throughout the year at Bridport we endeavour to provide opportunities for our children to develop the skills they will need to continue learning for life and to make valuable contributions to society. For further information regarding Bridport Primary School please contact the principal.